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New investment by United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County

The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County has awarded CI:Now $75,000 for 2017-2018. A portion of that award will go toward data support for United Way’s own community data needs, with the balance intended to fund tools and services that help our community access and use data for better decisions and more effective action. The United Way has long understood the value of making better data available to everyone and has invested in our community data capacity for 20 years and counting, and we are so grateful for their steadfast support.

San Antonio Area Foundation awards grant for ARDA staffing

The San Antonio Area Foundation awarded $50,000 to help fund backbone staffing support to the Alamo Regional Data Alliance (ARDA) through 2017. ARDA is a vibrant network of people like you whose mission is to collectively support the Alamo Regional in implementing and strengthening the policies and programs needed for data-driven decisions to be made throughout the community. CI:Now has been providing backbone staffing to ARDA since its September 2016 founding using its own operating grants from the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County and the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation.

Data support to the SALSA collective impact initiative

The San Antonio Area Foundation renewed its partnership with CI:Now, Moriarty Consulting Group, and Redline Leadership Group to staff the SALSA (Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio) collective impact initiative to improve and sustain quality of life for San Antonio’s growing older population. CI:Now’s role is data support, assisting SALSA partners throughout 2017 in targeting shared priority outcomes, defining indicators to measure progress on those outcomes, understanding the factors behind our current status and trends, choosing strategies to achieve the targeted  outcomes, and developing and implementing an action plan.

Kronkosky partners with CI:Now to learn more about adults with autism spectrum disorders

The Kronkosky Charitable Foundation has partnered with CI:Now to learn more about area adults with autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual/developmental disabilities. In the initial two- to three-month exploratory phase, CI:Now will work with Autism Lifeline Links, area service providers, adults with ASD/IDD and their families, and advocates to begin to understand the number, strengths, and needs of this population, as well as key policies, funding streams, and workforce capacity issues affecting our region’s ability to meet their needs effectively.

CHCS partners with CI:Now to evaluate integrated behavioral health and primary care

The Center for Health Care Services‘ Adult Behavioral Health division has won a continuation grant from Johnson&Johnson to continue measuring the physical health, behavioral health, and system involvement outcomes of people with serious mental illness participating in its Integrated Care program, which is funded through a number of sources. CI:Now’s role in this work is to link multiple datasets from CHCS, area hospitals, and the criminal justice system, with the consumer’s/patient’s consent, to learn more about the innovative program’s  effects on physical and behavioral health status and quality of life, ER visits and hospital admissions, and incarceration.

CI:Now awarded grant from the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation

The Kronkosky Charitable Foundation has awarded CI:Now, via the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County as fiscal agent, a grant in the amount of $50,000. The one-year grant will support CI:Now’s work to strengthen local access to and use of high-quality data to improve children’s lives through better-informed decisions and actions. Kronkosky is a longtime partner, having been a founding member of the Alamo Area Community Information System (AACIS), rebranded in 2008 as CI:Now, in the late 1990s.

CI:Now awarded grant from the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County

The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County has awarded CI:Now one year of funding in the amount of $75,000. The grant funds will be used to strengthen local data capacity through freely-accessible, neutral, high-quality data that area nonprofits and others can use for data-driven decisionmaking and action, as well as “help desk” services, trainings, and technical assistance. Two tools built in the past with UWSA funding are CI:Now’s Data Explorer and CommunityViewer Public Reports. UWSA funding has also been used to develop and maintain The Language of Data, a glossary of technical data-related terms translated to plain language.

UWSA was a founding member in the late 1990s of the Alamo Area Community Information System (AACIS), rebranded as CI:Now in 2008. For 20 consecutive years UWSA has invested in AACIS’/CINow’s work to build local data capacity, through directly funding CI:Now, by donating its fiscal agency services, and by being a champion of data-driven action.

CI:Now selected to provide data support to San Antonio Area Foundation SALSA initiative

The three-part team of Jennifer Moriarty of Moriarty Consulting Group, Delise Crimmins of Redline Leadership, and CI:Now have been selected to provide facilitation and data support to the San Antonio Area Foundation-led SALSA (Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio) collective impact initiative “to create a community where seniors thrive and and are prized as vital citizens.”

CI:Now hosts NNIP partner meeting

CI:Now hosted the working meeting of the local partners of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership. Partners learned about each others’ work and attended EastPoint neighborhood tours related to education and early childhood, workforce and economic development, or housing and neighborhood.

Data support for CHCS DASH initiative

The Center for Health Care Services has been named one of 10 grantees for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Data Across Sectors for Health initiative. CI:Now provides data and evaluation support to CHCS’ innovative work with the HASA health information exchange and hospital and criminal justice partners to improve cross-sector care coordination and quality of life for people living with severe mental illness.

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