Building on two decades of data collaboration and as a next step to the February 2016 “data nirvana” meeting convened by the City of San Antonio Mayor’s Office and hosted by the San Antonio Area Foundation, Community Information Now (CI:Now) and the Mayor’s Office pulled together a small group of people in August 2016 to lay the groundwork for community-wide collaboration and coordinated planning and action. The small group convened in August is serving as a temporary Interim Steering Committee for ARDA, with staffing support from CI:Now.

“Product” Vision Board

20160826_125019-1The Interim Steering Committee’s initial task was to draft a skeleton community plan for further development by the larger community. Over three facilitator-led worksessions in August 2016, the small group used Pichler’s Product Vision Board tool and the affinity diagramming technique to hammer out a shared vision, describe our local data-related needs, and identify issues to consider as we work to meet those needs over the next several years.

Below is the draft Product Vision Board as of November 2016. As we’re using it here, “product” means the full set of data tools, services, and infrastructure needed to achieve the vision. Click the image to open in pdf. We welcome your input on the Product Vision Board.

Cmty data planning Product Vision Board 20160830

What’s next and how can I get involved?

There are many more people whose contributions to this work will be critical over the next few months, like analysts and other data technicians, data users of all kinds, developers and other tech people, and policymakers and funders. Together we’ll refine the plan, build it out further, and spin off workplans for individual projects.

Click on the thumbnail at right to learn more about how you can participate in this work.

In roughly mid-2017 the Alamo Regional Data Alliance’s Interim Steering Committee will hand the reins to a Steering Committee of elected members. More information will be posted here as that process is developed.

Additional meetings will be convened soon. But in the meantime, we invite you to get involved now or get updates on our progress and ways to get involved.


IMG_20160826_141411232Annual operating support from the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County has so far made it possible for CI:Now to staff this data planning process on behalf of the larger community. That funding also supports the development and ongoing maintenance of data portals, tools, and services that help our community access and use data to improve people’s quality of life. Many thanks as well to the San Antonio Area Foundation and the City of San Antonio Economic Development Department for hosting our initial planning sessions.

More information and background

The February convening generated a Data Management Working Paper drafted by the Mayor’s Office.

CI:Now drafted What’s Needed  for a Community to be Good at Using Data?