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CI:Now launches Somos Neighbors

SomosNeighbors_LogoWhere we live plays a role in how long we live, and average life expectancy in Bexar County’s longest-lived neighborhoods is 18 years higher than in our shortest-lived neighborhoods. The new Somos Neighbors project shows us how other neighborhoods are both like ours and different, helping us unite as neighbors to close that 18-year gap.

In partnership with the Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Somos Neighbors is one of 10 projects nationwide selected through the Visualizing and Powering Healthy Lives opportunity to use USALEEP local life expectancy data to explore and address neighborhood-level life expectancy disparities. The 10 projects are intended as case studies for other communities interested in using the USALEEP data to understand and address place-based inequities in life expectancy.

Partial image of Somos NeighborsTo learn more about the 9 other projects selected for Visualizing and Powering Healthy Lives, please visit

We welcome partnership with other San Antonio-area organizations committed to bringing people together and to closing the life expectancy gap! If you’d like to learn more about the project or talk about how we can collaborate, please contact us!