Bexar Data Dive Guides and Trainings

You’ll find lots of resources below to help you use Bexar Data Dive, all in both English and Spanish. Our pdf tip sheets and video tutorials take you step-by-step through using the different features in Data Dive, and our live Data Dive and #GetData trainings are customized to meet you where you are. About the Tools explains what each of the tools in Data Dive can do for you, and the FAQ answers a wide range of important questions about the platform.

Tip Sheets

We created three “cheat sheets” to help you quickly pick up how to use several Data Dive tools:

Video Tutorials

Visit our YouTube channel to find several short video tutorials on Bexar Data Dive. Updated tutorials in English and Spanish are in the works!

Demos and Training

Bexar Data Dive
We offer Bexar Data Dive demonstrations and trainings at no cost, both in person and virtually. These demos and trainings are meant to help users get the most out of the Data Dive online data platform, incorporating local examples and explanations of basic data literacy concepts while highlighting the importance of social determinants of health. We can present to a group or work with you one-on-one, and in just about any length of time from 15 minutes to two hours. Our trainings are always tailored to your needs depending on your comfort with data and how you use it.

New! #GetData
Data shouldn’t be intimidating, frustrating, or a mystery. CINow’s goal is to make data accessible and to help you understand it. So, we don’t just help you get data, but we also help you get it, get it? Whether you need to deal with data for your job or you just want to make sense of numbers and charts in the world around you, this fun and friendly workshop equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and use data. People of all skill levels, including those brand-new to data, will leave with a solid understanding of all the basics of data literacy. The full #GetData workshop is about three hours long, but we can break it into multiple sessions if needed.

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About the Tools

Hosted on the Bexar Data Dive site itself, this resource describes the main tools in the platform – My Community, Explore Data, Tables & Downloads, and Create Your Own Area – and shows how each one can help you.
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The Bexar Data Dive site itself also hosts a Frequently Asked Questions section with information about Statistical Small Areas (SSAs), how data is suppressed for privacy in Data Dive, and many other topics.
>> Go to the FAQ