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Viz-a-lyzer screenshot

The Viz-a-lyzer maps and trends dozens of indicators for Bexar Co. zip code tabulation areas (ZCTAs) with comparison data for the county, Texas, and the U.S. Embed the visualization in your website, or export all or part of the visualization and drop the image right into your document.
Level: Easy

ACS Sidekick screenshot

The ACS Sidekick tool makes Texas five-year estimate data from the Census American Community Survey much faster and easier to process. It calculates aggregate estimates and margins of error on the fly and lets you save and reuse queries and custom sets of values.
Level: Intermediate

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2020 Census Hard-to-Count Map

The 2020 Census Hard-to-Count Map shows neighborhoods where targeted outreach is likely needed to ensure a 2020 Census complete count.
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These maps will display not just the Census Bureau-defined hard-to-count areas, but also areas with barriers like low broadband subscription rates and risk profiles like low voter turnout.
Level: Easy

Census-Guided Federal Expenditures

The Financial Impact of the Census visualization gives the user a sense of the scale of federal assistance to Texas driven by the Census
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count – and the dollars at risk if the count is incomplete.Data can be filtered by awarding agency and sub-agency, program (CFDA), and assistance type for the past three fiscal years.
Level: Easy




Coming Thurs 9/26/19

The Health Collaborative’s 2019 Bexar and Atascosa Counties Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) includes county-, sector-,
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and ZCTA-level data on health outcomes and determinants like education, housing, income, transit, and health behaviors and risks.


LISC SA Service-Enriched Housing

CI:Now and SA2020 partnered with LISC San Antonio to develop an infographic sheet with data about vulnerable populations who’d likely benefit
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from service-enriched housing, including older adults, youth leaving foster care, disabled veterans, people re-entering the community after prison release, and low-income working families.


Child Data Dashboard

The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County Ready Children Impact Council’s Child Data Dashboard visualizes county-level patterns
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and trends for child well-being indicatorscollaboratively selected by ReadyKidSA.Coalition members and other local organizations use the dashboard as an accurate and up-to-date source of child-related data that is measured consistently across time and easy to understand.

SA2020 Progress

CI:Now provides the data for SA2020’s Progress Dashboard, calculating the indicators and aggregating the data to custom geographies
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(e.g., census tract to city council district), ensuring the trended indicators are measured the same way year-to-year, and assisting SA2020 and its partners in understanding and using the data.