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Month: January 2017

SA2020 and CI:Now on TPR’s The Source

CI:Now’s Laura McKieran joined Molly Cox, Director of SA2020, to talk about SA2020’s new Impact Report on The Source on Texas Public RadioListen to the audio or see some live-tweeted highlights.

Panel: HASA HIE – Community Benefits of a Central Health Data Repository

CI:Now Director Laura McKieran participated in a panel discussion at the 2017 Healthcare Data Reporting Conference organized by HASA, the area health information exchange, to talk about and highlight the power of data sharing for community providers. CI:Now’s portion of the Community Benefits of a Central Health Data Repository panel discussion focused on the value proposition of connecting multiple community data sets to:

  • learn more about the health effects of risk factors (e.g., daily number and pattern of emergency room visits given daily air pollution levels),
  • explore intersections among issues to inform interventions (e.g., the effect on student absenteeism of student, sibling, and/or parent emergency room visits), and
  • measure intervention outcomes (e.g., effect of a promotora program on 30-day readmissions; effect of an integrated care program on emergency room visits and hospital admissions by “high utilizer” individuals with serious mental illness)

Kronkosky partners with CI:Now to learn more about adults with autism spectrum disorders

The Kronkosky Charitable Foundation has partnered with CI:Now to learn more about area adults with autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual/developmental disabilities. In the initial two- to three-month exploratory phase, CI:Now will work with Autism Lifeline Links, area service providers, adults with ASD/IDD and their families, and advocates to begin to understand the number, strengths, and needs of this population, as well as key policies, funding streams, and workforce capacity issues affecting our region’s ability to meet their needs effectively.

News coverage of the SA2020 Impact Report 2016

See news coverage  of SA2020’s 2016 Impact Report. CI:Now is the data partner to SA2020, compiling and analyzing the quantitative data for SA2020’s community indicators.

SA2020 releases Impact Report 2016 with data from CI:Now

SA2020 has released its 2016 Impact Report, which includes indicator data collected analyzed by CI:Now. Director Laura McKieran spoke at the report release, highlighting disparities and issues not visible in city-level data, and stressing the need to combine and coordinate both data and efforts to achieve  San Antonio’s goals.

UWSA continues CI:Now partnership for Eastside Promise Neighborhood data support

The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County, which administers the Eastside Promise Neighborhood (EPN) grant from the U.S. Department of Education, has renewed  CI:Now’s contract to provide data support for the fifth and final year of the EPN initiative. CI:Now’s role over the course of the grant has been to collect, analyze, and visualize data on the activity and results of EPN interventions, as well as to track conditions in this changing neighborhood.