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Bexar Data Dive (English / Español)

Explore a wide range of Bexar County data by small area (Census Tract, SSA, ZIP code) and by race/ethnicity, sex, and age group. Trend data, compare groups and geographies, and export data and images. [Read more]

Image of COVID scatterplot tool
How COVID-19 correlates with existing disparities by neighborhood

Explore at the county and ZCTA level how COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths relate to demographic and place-based disparities that already existed in Bexar County prior to the pandemic. [Read more]

Image of ACS Sidekick query interface
ACS Sidekick processing tool for ACS data

Census American Community Survey five-year estimate data for Texas is now faster and easier to process. Calculate aggregate estimates and margins of error on the fly and reuse queries. [Read more]

Image of indicator chart in Somos Neighbors data tool
Somos Neighbors (English / Español)

See how other neighborhoods are both like ours and different, helping us unite as neighbors to close the 18-year gap in life expectancy. Upload photos of what you love about your neighborhood! [Read more]

Other Tools & Reports

2022 Community Health Assessment

Side-by-side image of 2022 Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment cover and an interior page

State of African American Community

Image of State of the African American Community report cover

2022 Bexar Healthy Aging Profile

Image of a portion of the 2022 Bexar County Healthy Aging Profile

COSA Racial Equity Indicator Report

ReadyKidSA Coalition Scorecard

Language Access Needs