Our Reports, Infographics, and Other Projects

CINow is committed to providing comprehensive support for informed decision-making by conducting thorough analyses of the provided data.

Delve deeper into our commitment to informed decision-making with detailed analyses in the reports & infographics available below

Access to Health Care in Bexar County During COVID-19

The Access to Health Care in Bexar County During COVID-19 (2023) collaborative report weaves together extant, survey, focus group, and interview data to understand how the pandemic affected access to and utilization of medical, dental, and mental health care.

Language Access Study for the City of San Antonio

The Language Access Study was completed for the City of San Antonio’s Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion Department to understand what languages are spoken in San Antonio and Bexar County, and in what neighborhoods those languages are most common.

Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment

Commissioned by The Health Collaborative, the 2022 CHNA includes about 100 indicators on social and economic determinants of health, health-related behaviors, well-being, illness and injury, and death, all disaggregated by race/ethnicity, age group, sex, and ZIP code where available.

Atascosa County Community Health Needs Assessment

In collaboration with The Health Collaborative, CINow helped with a needs assessment for Atascosa County. The needs assessment is based on the Bay Area Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII) framework with strong emphasis on social determinants of health.

Bexar County Healthy Aging Profile 2022

The Profile is intended to provide a common set of current measures to inform the community’s work to improve the quality of life of Bexar County’s older adults. Where the data allows for it, the profile identifies those indicators for which the difference between Bexar County and Texas is statistically significant.

State of the African American Community in San Antonio & Bexar County

The State of the African American Community in San Antonio and Bexar County (2022) charts data on housing, education, employment and financial stability, business, criminal justice, health, and social connection, followed by community voice and policy recommendations.

How has the Coronavirus Pandemic Changed the Lives of Bexar County’s Young Adults?

CINow and MOVE Texas partnered to work directly with young people to equip them to advocate for their own priorities, needs, and opportunities in COVID-19 recovery. Part of that work was a survey of young adults in Bexar County that resulted in an infographic and storymap.

Data for COVID-19 recovery in Victoria & Corpus Christi

In collaboration with United Way of the Crossroads in Victoria and United Way of the Coastal Blend in Corpus Christi, CINow helped assemble local data to help direct resources to effectively respond to local needs and avoid exacerbating existing health equities.


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