Our Staff

CINow is led by a dynamic team of Board Members and Staff who are deeply committed to advancing the organization’s mission through comprehensive strategic planning and meticulous progress measurement. Their collective expertise extends to crucial areas such as branding and messaging for community relations, resource development, and fiscal stewardship.

Together, we form a cohesive unit, working collaboratively to propel CINow toward its goals and make a positive impact on the communities it serves.

Danequa Forrest, PhD –  Research Coordinator III

Danequa Forrest is an accomplished mixed methods researcher specializing in quantitative and qualitative data analysis with a focus on the intersections of health and race. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Texas at San Antonio with Honors. Danequa continued her academic journey at Louisiana State University, earning a Master’s degree in Sociology through a full graduate assistantship. In Spring 2021, she completed her PhD in Sociology with double minors in Applied Statistics and African and African-American Studies

Cristina Martinez, MPH – Research Coordinator III

Cristina Martinez brings expertise in community outreach, program evaluation, and data management. Cristina is enthusiastic about contributing to data democratization and leveraging data for the development of equitable communities in San Antonio and its surrounding areas. Joining CI:Now in 2020, she comes with prior experience in community-based research at UT Health San Antonio and UTSA. With a background in Nutrition and Public Health, she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Applied Demography at UTSA.

Laura McKieran, DrPH – Executive Director

Laura McKieran holds a Doctor of Public Health degree earned in 1998. With a focus on community involvement in healthcare planning, Laura’s career spans roles at United Way of America, New York Academy of Medicine, and CentroMed. Since joining CI:Now in 2010, she’s brought expertise in community assessment, planning, and evaluation. Additionally, Laura served on the Executive Committee of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership from 2016 to 2019, earning the Network Steward Award in 2021.

Jeanette Parra – Training Specialist II

Jeanette Parra draws from her experience as the daughter of immigrants to serve as a translator and advocate for her community. Since 2022, she has inspired community members to leverage data for positive change at CINow. In the past, Jeanette contributed to the San Antonio COVID-19 Response Team as a Contact Tracer, Team Lead, and Program Trainer. Trained as a Sociologist at Hamilton College, she also served as a Resident Care Coordinator at an assisted living facility. Certified as a Community Health Worker (CHW) in Texas, Jeanette is driven by positivity, advocacy, and building stronger community connections.

Jeremy Pyne, MPA – Project Manager

Jeremy Pyne brings over a decade of experience managing community-based research projects. His expertise includes overseeing local indicator reports, online dashboards, and interactive mapping tools to drive equitable community change. With an MPA focused on Urban and Regional Affairs and a B.S. in Geography from Grand Valley State University, Jeremy excels in GIS, demographic mapping, project management, and data analysis. He has designed community data training sessions and presented to local stakeholders. Before CI:Now, Jeremy served as GIS Manager at the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy’s Community Research Institute and taught courses at Grand Valley State University on GIS in the Public Sector and Ethics in Public Administration.

Natalia Rodriguez, MPH – Research Coordinator II

Natalia Rodriguez brings over five years of expertise in managing community-based research projects in South Texas. Specializing in chronic illness and outcomes in vulnerable populations, she excels in community outreach, data management, and program evaluation. Natalia holds a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology and is currently a doctoral student in Community Health Practice at the UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio. Her research focuses on chronic disease management, health disparities, community-based participatory research, and translational science.


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