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Month: February 2017

San Antonio Area Foundation awards grant for ARDA staffing

The San Antonio Area Foundation awarded $50,000 to help fund backbone staffing support to the Alamo Regional Data Alliance (ARDA) through 2017. ARDA is a vibrant network of people like you whose mission is to collectively support the Alamo Regional in implementing and strengthening the policies and programs needed for data-driven decisions to be made throughout the community. CI:Now has been providing backbone staffing to ARDA since its September 2016 founding using its own operating grants from the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County and the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation.

Data support to the SALSA collective impact initiative

The San Antonio Area Foundation renewed its partnership with CI:Now, Moriarty Consulting Group, and Redline Leadership Group to staff the SALSA (Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio) collective impact initiative to improve and sustain quality of life for San Antonio’s growing older population. CI:Now’s role is data support, assisting SALSA partners throughout 2017 in targeting shared priority outcomes, defining indicators to measure progress on those outcomes, understanding the factors behind our current status and trends, choosing strategies to achieve the targeted ¬†outcomes, and developing and implementing an action plan.