June 15, 2018

Data Spotlight: Local election voter registration and turnout

Bexar County’s voter registration and turnout have historically been low, especially in local elections. While turnout is low across the board, older people and residents of higher-income, better-educated neighborhoods vote at much higher rates than do younger people and residents of neighborhoods where income and educational attainment are lower. To learn whether recent changes in voter registration and turnout differ by neighborhood in Bexar County, Community Information Now (CI:Now) analyzed and mapped the difference between 2015 and 2017 in registered voters,  ballots cast, and turnout in first-round voting. We also mapped characteristics that might be expected to affect turnout: high and low educational attainment, income, poverty, older population, and race/ethnicity. Find out more about this topic in our June 2018 Data Spotlight.

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