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ACS Sidekick – 2019 5-Year Estimates loaded

We’ve just added 2019 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates to our ACS Sidekick.

The Sidekick makes Texas 5-year estimate data from the Census American Community Survey much faster and easier to process — perfect for planners, grantwriters, and people tracking the progress of community initiatives. ACS Sidekick can help if you:

  • need an aggregate (total) estimate for a non-standard range
    • geographic area, like a nonprofit service area of five zip codes or 17 census tracts
    • age group, like youth aged 17-24 or adults age 55 and older
    • other demographic group, like men of color
    • percent of federal poverty level, like 100%-<299% FPL
    • any other variable grouping.
  • need the margin of error (MOE) for that estimate and don’t have the time or desire to look up the formula and calculate it
  • use the same queries or value sets (e.g., those 17 census tracts in your service area) over and over

Need a quick start to using the tool? Watch our short video tutorials:

The hard part of using the Sidekick is not the tool, but the huge dataset itself — ACS data can be overwhelming if you’re not a veteran user. The resources linked below will help you find the information you’re looking for and make sense of what you’ve found.

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