September 21, 2022

OMH Awards Additional Funds

Community Information Now (CI:Now) has been awarded an additional $250,000 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health to support Year 2 work on a three-year project to help people in Bexar County access and use data to reduce health disparities and inequities.

The beta version of the new data platform called Bexar Data Dive will launch at the end of this month, so keep an eye out for the announcement! Bexar Data Dive allows the user to see a wide range of indicators disaggregated by place and by race/ethnicity, as well as other demographic variables where available.

We’re excited to introduce Statistical Small Areas (SSAs), which cluster census tracts to allow the user to disaggregate data by race/ethnicity at a small geographic level that’s more meaningful than a ZIP code.

We give our thanks to the many community members who provided their time and ideas to make the Bexar Data Dive a better data platform for Bexar County communities.

In Year 2 we’ll focus on adding functionality and data content to the platform, raising community awareness of the platform, and providing training and other supports to help people access and use the data.

Learn more about the project and follow us on social media to stay updated.

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