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ACS Sidekick

Our new ACS Sidekick tool makes Texas 5-year estimate data from the Census American Community Survey much faster and easier to process. It can help if you need an aggregate (total) estimate for non-standard ranges or groups not shown in the “off the shelf” ACS data, need the margin of error (MOE) for that estimate, or need to use the same queries or value sets more than once.

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CI:Now’s new Viz-a-lyzer is an interactive tool for people to visually explore and analyze Bexar County data by zip code tract area and year, with comparisons to the county and U.S. where available. We’ll be adding new indicators and features several times a year – subscribe to our newsletter to hear about new releases.

Viz-a-lyzer    |   More info and help

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer is a “curated” collection of data resources of all kinds – data tables, maps, narrative reports, and more.  “Curated” means that CI:Now has reviewed the data resource to make sure that it’s a trustworthy source of information, made it available in one or more easy-to-access formats, updated it when available, and added notes to help you understand and use the data.

Census Quick Facts

The U.S. Census Bureau’s Quick Facts tool – their most often-requested data for cities, counties, and states.

Other Reports and Presentations

Go here for a list of our many data reports and presentations on all kinds of issues that matter to the San Antonio region.

External Resources

CI:Now also provides the data for other local data tools and reports: