How we can help

CI:Now is a local data intermediary that provides several different kinds of data support to organizations and collaboratives in Bexar and 11 surrounding counties. We work across all issue areas, with particular expertise in health, education, and demographics, and we look at all geographic levels from region all the way down to parcel. Here are a few of the ways we can support your use of data to improve the well-being of communities, neighborhoods, families, and individuals.

  • Collection and analysis of secondary/existing data to assist in neighborhood and community planning or change monitoring
  • Integration of administrative datasets to link the records of individuals or households across service sectors
  • Data visualization through maps, charts, scatterplots, and other formats
  • Evaluation of intervention effects on community-wide systems
  • Development of automated dashboards or other data visualizations
  • Assisting many different audiences in understanding and using data
  • Consultation on the development of outcomes/results and indicators and selection of data sources

Work may be compensated under a contract or a grant, and depending on the scope and complexity of the project, the budget may be structured as fixed-fee or an hourly rate.

Please feel free to contact us to tell us about your needs. We’re happy to let you know whether and how we can help.