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Taylor Ridge

Assistant Director Public Health Informatics, Institute for Public Health – University Health

March 11, 2024

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What data are you using from CINow?
Bexar data dive, and qualitative analysis lesson and work.

How are you using data from CINow?
As part of topic-centered reports and comparing different pieces of data, as well as finding out more information about our community health workers and program through the qualitative analysis.

What effect has using CINow data had?
Saved us probably 20 hours of work by having data in map-ready format via the Bexar data dive. Allows us to be self-sufficient for qualitative analysis in the future.

Explore Bexar Data Dive

Learn more about accessing local Bexar County data and creating your own map or chart:

Data Dive consolidates Bexar County data on health, demographics, education, economics, and more. Users can explore data by county, census tract, ZIP code, or the new Statistical Small Area (SSA) for easy comparisons across different geographies and groups.

We offer Bexar Data Dive demonstrations and training at no cost, both in person and virtually. Our trainings are always tailored to your needs depending on your comfort with data and how you use it. 

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