CI:Now publishes data for the general public and provides a number of local and regional collaboratives with data support like public secondary data collection and analysis, integration and analysis of person-level administrative data, community assessment, and outcome measurement and evaluation. Following are some of our ongoing multi-year projects. Many more shorter-term projects can be found here.

Democratizing Data

Making trustworthy, timely data available to everyone in the south-central Texas region is always at the heart of our work. In addition to making data available through partners like SA2020 and the United Way Children’s Issue Council and ReadyKidSA, here are two ways we’re doing that.

The Viz-a-lyzer. Visually explore and analyze Bexar County data by zip code tract area and year, with comparisons to the county, Texas, and the U.S.

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer. Search our collection of data resources relevant to San Antonio and the 11 surrounding counties in south central Texas.


Alamo Regional Data Alliance

Since late 2016 CI:Now has staffed the new Alamo Regional Data Alliance,  (ARDA) is a vibrant network of data professionals, leaders, and change-makers who share the common belief that individuals and organizations throughout the community should be informed by timely quality data when making decisions that impact their lives or the lives of those they serve. More information about ARDA and how to get involved can be found at

Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio (SALSA)

CI:Now provides data support to SALSA, a collective impact initiative “to  create a community where seniors thrive and and are prized as vital citizens.” Supported by the San Antonio Area Foundation, SALSA is in the early stages of using data to inform development of a shared agenda. CI:Now is assisting with the development of shared indicators with reliable and available data sources as well as compiling and analyzing available secondary data on Bexar County’s older population.

Assessment of area adults with autism spectrum disorders

The Kronkosky Charitable Foundation has partnered with CI:Now to learn more about area adults with autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual/developmental disabilities. In the initial exploratory phase, CI:Now worked with Autism Lifeline Links, area service providers, adults with ASD/IDD and their families, and advocates to begin to understand the number, strengths, and needs of this population, as well as key policies, funding streams, and workforce capacity issues affecting our region’s ability to meet their needs effectively. Phase II will work to estimate local population prevalence, characteristics, and lifetime costs; characterize population strengths and needs; and quantify system capacity and gaps.

Measuring integrated care outcomes for safety net “high utilizers”

CI:Now is conducting a multi-year evaluation of the impact and cost-effectiveness of an innovative collaborative model to provide the right care at the right time to people who are living with serious behavioral conditions that, along with poverty, previous trauma, and other challenges, drive high utilization of the local emergency room and inpatient safety net and the criminal justice system. Early results show that people engaged in this integrated care model, operated by the Center for Health Care Services, the local mental health authority, show significant declines in ER use, inpatient admissions, and incarcerations.

SA2020 Community Dashboard

SA2020 is a community visioning and collective impact initiative focused on 11 cause areas.  CI:Now helped design the online dashboard and since 2014 has collected and analyzed the data to report trended indicators of success in these areas.

Children’s Issue Council Dashboard

CI:Now collected and visualized data on child well-being for the Children’s Issue Council of the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County. The dashboard is available at and data is updated as it becomes available.

Mapping kinder-readiness

CI:Now does supplemental mapping and analysis of San Antonio’s growing bank of neighborhood-level kinder-readiness data from the Early Development Instrument assessment. Spearheaded by the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County, EDI is being implemented by a growing number of San Antonio school districts.