COVID-19 and Existing Health Disparities

Throughout fall 2020 Community Information Now compiled and analyzed a wealth of extant data to shed light on differences in how COVID-19 affected Bexar County neighborhoods and groups of people in terms of health, income, employment and business, housing, and other community priorities. This preliminary research was also intended to show how the pandemic was worsening (or just changing) the inequity and injustice already shouldered by marginalized communities.

Bexar County’s health disparities are best seen by looking through both a demographic lens (race/ethnicity, sex, age group) and a place lens (census tract, ZIP code tabulation area). Take a look at each section below to learn more about disparities in COVID-19 burden and other community issues.

NOTE: On May 15th, 2021, CINow added vaccination data by ZIP code and updated the case and death data. (Hospitalization data is still as of November 2020.) The vaccination data includes single-dose, fully vaccinated, and total doses per 10,000 population. All data was last updated on Nov. 2020.

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