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COVID-19 & Existing Disparities scatterplots: vaccination data added, case and death data updated

In fall 2020 CI:Now compiled and correlated COVID-19 and social determinants of health (SDOH) data to shed light on differences in how COVID-19 is affecting Bexar County neighborhoods and groups of people in terms of health, income, employment and business, housing, and other issues. The COVID-19 & Existing Disparities tool also shows how the pandemic is worsening (or just changing) the inequity and injustice already shouldered by marginalized communities.

CI:Now has just added vaccination data by ZIP code and updated the case and death data. (Hospitalization data is still as of November 2020.) The vaccination data includes single-dose, fully vaccinated, and total doses per 10,000 population. The image above shows a moderate negative (inverse) correlation or relationship at the ZIP code level between rate of fully-vaccinated and percent of households with SSI and/or cash assistance in the past 12 months.

View a brief video for help using the tool.

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