CI:Now makes data available through several different tools, including the Data Explorer and CommunityViewer Public Reports described below.

A new portal for interactive visualization of zip code-/ZCTA-level data is scheduled for deployment in fall 2016. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the portal goes live.

CI:Now also provides the data for other local data tools and reports:

  • The Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment 2016 includes demographic, social, economic, and health data at the county, sub-county sector, and zip code-/ZCTA-levels for San Antonio/Bexar County. The report is scheduled for public release on August 23, 2016 and will be available online from The Health Collaborative soon after.
  • The United Way Children’s Issue Council Dashboard displays multi-year trended San Antonio/Bexar County data, primarily at the county level.
  • SA2020’s Data Dashboard displays multi-year trended San Antonio/Bexar County data for nearly 60 indicators of community-wide progress in 11 key vision areas.
  • The Community Needs Assessment for Comal & Guadalupe Counties, 2014 Update, which includes multi-year trended data primarily at the county level, is available through the United Way of Comal County.

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer is a “curated” collection of data resources of all kinds – data tables, maps, narrative reports, and more.  “Curated” means that CI:Now has reviewed the data resource to make sure that it’s a trustworthy source of information, made it available in one or more easy-to-access formats, updated it when available, and added notes to help you understand and use the data.  Unless it specifically says that CI:Now developed the resource, it was created and published by some other organization, which retains the rights to and responsibility for the data.

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Data Explorer FAQ

CommunityViewer Public Reports

CommunityViewer Public Reports is a free tool that allows you to create a custom query or table of available datasets.  At present Public Reports contains birth and hospitalization data by county, zip code, and census tract for the entire state of Texas.  These datasets are not currently scheduled to be updated, as the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Center for Health Statistics is in the process of rolling out a robust data portal that includes both datasets.

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