CI:Now turns local data into information communities can use for planning, trending community change over time, and measuring results. The tools below can help you find the data you need. You can also check out our reports and presentations and the online data tools we’ve built for our partners.

Get community data through the Data Explorer

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer allows you to search our collection of data resources relevant to San Antonio and the 11 surrounding counties in south central Texas.

Child Data Dashboard

Chlid Data Dashboard
Find Bexar County data on child demographics, births and deaths, health, homelessness, child care, early childhood services, pre-K, and high school attrition.

Learn more about CommunityViewer

CV Private

CommunityViewer is a restricted-access integrated data system created to help San Antonio-area service providers and policymakers understand local needs and respond to those needs in an intelligent and efficient way.